ECOM Partner Universities

ECOM Partner Universities

ECOM has local and European partner universities that officially recognize the NCUK IFY Business Stream and students who successfully complete their NCUK IFY Business Stream will be able to apply at one of these reputable universities.

European College of Malta Local Partner Universities

Official recognition for progression from the NCUK Business Stream to the following Local Educational Institutions has been granted to ECOM students.


University of London (Malta)

Internationally recognised qualifications with a degree that is valued all over the world.


STC/Middlesex University

Committed to quality and professionalism in higher education offering state-of-the-art training facilities and curricula in partnership with world leaders.



The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology provides training opportunities to over 6,000 full-time students with new programmes constantly added to give more new training options to choose from.


University of Malta

The University of Malta is committed to high standards of research and teaching, every member of staff contributes to an outstanding student experience. The University of Malta traces its founding origins to 1592.

European College of Malta European Partner Universities

Official recognition for progression from the NCUK Business Stream to the following European Educational Institutions has been granted to ECOM students.


Montreux Business University, Switzerland

A private university located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland providing a range of on-site programs Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, Executive MBA, DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) conducted in English.


The Swiss Business School Switzerland

A management institution dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy offering programmes which specialize in International Management, Finance, Marketing and other fields.


United International Business Schools, Switzerland

Committed to offering quality business and management education at the undergraduate, graduate and executive level in accordance with the demands of the global marketplace.


Schiller International University, Germany

At Schiller, students gain the invaluable experience of studying and interacting with people from different national and cultural backgrounds, understanding other economies, cultures and political systems in today’s global economy.


Czech College, Czech Republic

A great college located in the centre of Prague with plenty of study abroad opportunities focused on teaching business, International Management, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Operations Management.


University of Debrecen, Hungary

One of the largest institutions of higher education in Hungary with a student body of about 30 thousand, over 4,300 of which are international students. An excellent student overall experience.


VIA School of Business, Denmark

VIA has eight campuses in the Central Denmark Region and is headquartered in Aarhus programmes, courses and research focus on professional practice in areas such as healthcare, teaching, social education, technology, business and design.

Vilnius University, Lithuania

The largest university in Lithuania offering studies with an internationally recognized content such as 3 Bachelor and 16 Master study programs in English.


Marbella University International Centre, Spain

A global academic institution providing a new kind of learning experience based on an advanced curriculum, cutting-edge technology and a unique living environment.


Prague College, Czech Republic

Provide outstanding opportunities based on educational values and an approach to delivering an excellent educational experience.