Malta as a Study Destination


With a shared history of over 200 years, Malta’s education system has and is still heavily influenced by the British academic system

The NCUK IFY (International Foundation Year) qualification has been benchmarked by NARIC – the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom. This organisation assesses a wide range of programmes and equates them to standard UK qualifications. NARIC concluded that the International Foundation Year qualification offers outcomes that are comparable to GCE A Level. This also makes this qualification recognised throughout all European countries.

All our lecturers are experienced and hold Master degrees in their chosen subjects, these qualifications have also been approved and verified by NCUK.


Images - Rene Rossignaud/
Images - Rene Rossignaud/


Malta is an extremely safe and secure destination for foreigners and locals alike. The Maltese are extremely friendly, hospitable people who have learnt to co-exist with people from all over the world, which makes it easy for them to understand the ways and customs of foreign students.

Over 1.7 million tourists and 80,000 international students visit Malta annually. On the 20th April 2016 and the 25th May 2016 international news sources The Mail and The Express stated that Malta is one of the safest places to visit around the world. Malta is a very popular destination for foreign students and tourists. English is one of the official languages which allows students to communicate easily while living in Malta.


Malta is very well connected with daily flights from the main airport hubs of Heathrow, Istanbul and Dubai. As a member of the European Union, Euro Zone and Schengen Zone Malta offers peace of mind and allows students to visit universities in the EU hassle free.


Before moving abroad to study you need to consider the tuition fees, accommodation and general cost of living. When compared to other English-speaking destinations in Europe such as the UK and Ireland, Malta is much more affordable.

Teaching takes place in a campus-like location which includes the classes, accommodation and supporting facilities. This eliminates the extra cost for travel, as well as saves the time and hassle of commuting.


The Island is blessed with 300 days of sunshine and it offers an enviable climate which goes well with the Island’s unique lifestyle. In Malta one enjoys a rich cultural and social life especially during summer as people enjoy a great outdoor life. With long sunny days people enjoy the beautiful sea and splendid beaches. Short distances mean that you are never too far from sport, sightseeing or culture.

Images - Rene Rossignaud/