Student Support

Student Support

The European College of Malta takes student support seriously and has a team of dedicated staff at your disposal. ECOM offers the following student services.



Counselling is provided to all ECOM students and allows you to discuss any personal issues and concerns on a confidential manner.


Student Support

This starts from before you leave your home country as you will be assisted with your enrollment and visa process. We can also assist you with airport transfers on your arrival. The student support continues throughout your time at ECOM as you will be able to discuss anything related to your programme of study and any other related matter. We also offer Visa extension support.



We provide guidance to all the students as well as prospective students at ECOM. This service offers one-to-one guidance sessions related to assisting you in choosing the right course, university and also career path.

Debbie Westwood – Student Support Officer

Debbie Westwood