Student Testimonials

Yunbing Cai from China

After my NCUK qualification at ECOM I went to the University of Sheffield in the UK. I have many precious and unforgettable memories of Malta. I made a lot of great friends from all over the world. I learnt a lot about other cultures while improving my English

Yunbing Cai receiving the NCUK Centre award for academic excellence.

Yunbing Cai

Majd Dahnoun from Syria.

I met new people from different countries that I would have never met.

Temuulen Altaikhuu from Mongolia

I have learnt a lot in Malta. I was really able to develop myself on a personal basis

Tsolmon Tuguldur from Mongolia

The manager of studies helped me throughout the whole process when preparing for IELTS

Uladzislau Liashko from Belarus

All lessons are really interesting and tutors are very helpful.

Denys Dubtsov from Ukraine

All the staff on the programme are very friendly and do their utmost to help you